CLASSIC BLUE, Color of the Year 2020


CLASSIC BLUE, is the color of 2020. A renewed, classic, timeless color that inspires tranquility and connection with nature and the depth of the sea.
PANTONE 19-4052 is an elegant color and it becomes the protagonist of interior decoration thanks to its warmth.
For more than two decades, PANTONE has chosen the color of each year, this being part of a process of careful selection of the details and world trends from any perspective that define the reason for a color as protagonist. The influence on decision making comes from the most obvious to the least imaginable. Technology, entertainment, social networks, globalization, lifestyles, travel, textures, are part of the annual analysis. We are all part of that decision.

CLASSIC BLUE, inspires us in interior decoration to tranquility and relaxation. Velvet type fabrics on a sofa are perfect in this color, the natural fabrics in blankets give a feeling of well-being, in the rugs with geometric figures and folk-type design they stand out in the home decoration, hanging paper with design and textures in the different Shades of blue, finally the blinds, an element not only functional but a fundamental part of the decoration through digital printing, achieving natural textures in this color, will be a very trendy option for 2020.

Get inspired to create with the color of the year 2020.